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To Every Girl They Tried to Hold Back

An old man told a girl I knew that her dress was too short even though the fabric reached her knees

When my classmate rose her hand more than they liked, our peers would call her a know it all

Boys would cat call the girls wearing shorts and tank tops and mock the girls wearing anything else if it didn’t please them

She was told to shut up, she was told she was wrong, when her opinion held truths they couldn’t yet face

Over and over again we are told to shrink. They tell us to quiet our voices. To make ourselves as small as we possibly can because who wants to hear our opinions anyway –

Stand up.

Rise up.

Grow taller than the tallest mountain

Reach the clouds and when you do


Open your mouth and let every word you have kept suppressed tumble out and fall at the feet of all those who said you were too fragile

Too small

Too much of a girl

to do great things





A young writer juggling cliches of imagination and hard work, attempting to make a dent in the brains of others. Lives take time to establish - remain patient. How we choose to stay, a collection of poetry, is on Amazon now!

2 thoughts on “To Every Girl They Tried to Hold Back

  1. Splendid post…. I agree with you and it angers me everytime I actually witness this or read it in a book. The “girl being fragile” theme is in many books and what writers don’t understand is that readers relate to books so it’s better to encourage women and girl power than to make spicy stories, people who are creative will be able to create the spice in either case


    1. Thank you for your input! The powerful female lead is such an important character, and one we unfortunately don’t see very often. Strong female characters are very important for young girls finding their voices in a world that does so much to suppress it.

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